Graphs / Facts

The real costs of College

This page will serve the purpose to inform through pictures and information. More often than not, important information is buried by other words. This page is attempting to simplify the important details.  Clean, simple, and to the point.


This graph shows the differences in rising tuition from the 2006 to 2007 school year across all three school categories. Community colleges nation-wide increased a minimal amount (nearly $260). Public in-state universities experienced increases near $1,200 this past year. While Private Universities experienced the greatest in tuition at more than $3,000. (this graph is from TIAA-CREF education savings resources)


This graph serves as an illustration and estimation for projected college costs in just 10 years. Tuition will be greater than $110,000 for in-state Public Universities. While tuition for private schools will be nearly $270,000 in the same 10 year span.


This graph explains the comparison between the “Higher Education Index” and the inflation index. It shows that tuition doesn’t increase primarily because of inflation, but rather other costs-like projectors, sound systems, student recreation centers, and student union buildings.


This video from you tube talks about the dramatic increases in private university’s tuition as well over all increases in college tuition nationwide. Public universities are up more than 35% (not including inflation), Private schools up only 27% (not including inflation) over the past decade. Much of these increases are affecting student’s decisions to apply for college.


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